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Simple & Smart Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Siding

Depending on the type of siding your home has, it could need more or less maintenance. However, there will always be some level of upkeep required to keep your home looking great.

siding maintenance tips

You can try these tips to help you in maintaining your home’s siding.

Wood Siding

The maintenance of wood should be treated every 4 to 6 years. It depends on the fierce elements in your area. When the sun and snow are vicious like in the mountain states, you need to have the wood siding to treat more.

In temperate climates, you need less maintenance. To treat the wood siding, you can start to do the pressure washing. Do for the windows later.

Vinyl Siding Upkeep

Fix the siding loose soon although vinyl siding is designed to be lasting long. You can get curved or bent in different shape when it waves because of wind. Ensure it will not go back on. Before or after summer, it is better to have vinyl siding power washed.

It is done to anticipate insects to live in the small ledges. They could make the house in the siding stair steps. It is a good idea to swipe it or washing it once a year. You will see a fabulous result that surprised you.

Stucco Siding Maintenance

Attacking by woodpeckers, the hole that would be the place for them to live should be managed after they leave. Deter them to return to the hole. Remember that the stucco siding is very porous. You cannot give the mold or sap to grow because it could take over.

Avoid spilling a drink too because the stain cannot be removed easily. To remove any stain, do it once to twice a year. If you need bleach, take it with you.

Wood Siding Repair

Moisture and pets get in when there are cracks and holes. Underlying the problem before you fix the siding. It is to anticipate a similar problem later. The repair method is easy depends on your type of siding.

Some of it including patching any holes or gaps, re-nailing loose sheathing, and replacing rotted elements.

Metal Siding Maintenance

Repaint is needed, but when you do not have much money to do it, fix everything that needs to be fixed. You may compare the cost and find another alternative than repainting. You also could repaint by using the lower quality of paint and more.

It will be different from multiple levels of the home. The special equipment is needed to get to the taller areas of your home like the awkward moment to carry up ladders. Check the overgrown tree roots, damage gutters, and water drain on it.

You also need to understand that removing siding could be a dirty and difficult task to do. You can ask professionals to help you in this case. Do you know how to start? Analyze the siding problems before you take any action.

Learn the characteristic of it and be ready to bring all of your equipment to solve this problem. Learn more about the maintenance of the siding house. Therefore, you will notice the plus and minus side of the maintenance program.