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What are the Parts of a Window?

If you need to repair or replace a part of your window, you have to know the name of it. Therefore, let us learn about the parts of a window.

parts of a window

It is not only you who have a head, but the window too. The head is the main horizontal part forming the top of the window frame. You will see it after the windows installed. Some people could see it at the top or at the bottom.

It supports the entire window system started from the head, sill, and jamb. The frame is also a limit for the window part.

They are the main vertical parts. They form the side of a window frame. If you see a strip goes on the side of a window frame, it is jamb liner. It provides a snug fit for the window sash. It is the main horizontal part in the bottom of the frame.

Parts of a Double Hung Window

The double hung window has its own hardware and interior parts. They are: Sash as the moveable part of a window. It is made of the horizontal and vertical frame. It holds the glass.

Balance as a mechanical device. It could be used for single and double hung windows. It is to counterbalancing the weight of the sash when it is open and close. Glass as a framed sheet with a window frame. Rail as the horizontal piece of a window sash. They consist of the lower and upper rail.

Lift as a handle to raise the lower sash in the double or single hung window. The sash lock is the locking mechanism in a single or double hung window. It engages to the sash lock strike. It is to reduce rattling.

Parts of a Casement Window

We also need to learn about the parts of a casement window. They are:

Aluminum as the exterior wood parts of a window. It is covered by a factory applied. Argon as an inert and nontoxic gas to reduce heat transfer.

Casing to framing or decorative molding around a window. It is to cover the space between the jam and the wall or the window frame. Lock handle that located on the jamb of a window. Vinyl as the interior and exterior frame.

Weatherstrip to cover the joint between the frame and window sash. It is to reduce air leaks and prevent water to enter the surface.

Understanding Parts of a Window

The first thing we need to know is the type of window. We have to understand the material and the name of the window before we learn more into its parts. You may see each part in the different style of window is the same.

However, the fact is each of them is different in its function and name. Every window has its additional component too that cannot be seen in another window. It is time for you to make a small note to anticipate the wrong parts to replace or repair. The wrong information could make a mistake for the constructor to repair.